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Zodiac Sign of Leo the Lion

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Astrology Chart

Leo the Lion

23 July to 22 August

Zodiac Sign Leo the Lion


Astrological symbol or glyph for the sun The Sun is in Gemini Astrology symbol for Gemini, one of the Zodiac Signs

The Moon is: Waxing Gibbous

Traditionally the lion commemorated in this constellation is the Nemean lion, its pelt proof against iron, bronze and stone, which Hercules killed (losing a finger to its teeth), and which commemorated his bravery.

Leo Character

Ruled by The Sun and with a masculine (penetrative) nature, Leo is extrovert in its energy. A Fixed (strong and solid sign), Leo governs will and authority.

It is a Fire (courageous and visionary) sign, and you, the Leo, are grand, confident and generous, although you tend to be egocentric and can be somewhat overbearing.

You can be rather stubborn and resistant to imposed changes, which, in many ways is a plus as it gives you the stamina to accomplish things in life due to your tenacity. Leos can stick with projects when other more easily distracted people lose concentration or interest. This stubbornness, which you prefer to think of as consistency and determination is, however, dictated more often than not by your ego!

Leos are generous and enjoy being the centre of attention. Your roots lie in the home and in your personal independence. Leo rules the heart; therefore you give of yourself generously through time, money and knowledge, with no thought of yourself. You feel the need to produce children both of your mind and of your body.

Leos are unconsciously drawn towards the idea of the means justifying the end. Money is important only as a means of achieving your goals. You assume that others possess the same sense of integrity as your own, and consequently you are overly confident, frank and outspoken. These traits can cause you many interpersonal difficulties and you often lose friends.

Leos don't like repetition. Once you see the point, you become quite impatient, and often obstinate, in discussions. Those who disagree with a Leo's opinion should be tactful, for you will give up only if you can do so with your dignity intact!

You want people to think well of you, and since you expend a great deal of energy to this end, it is frequently achieved. You are very aware of the effect you have on others and study what to do in order to create a better effect but this doesn't mean that you are introspective or that you analyse yourself in order to improve your character. The role that you assume is a noble role, and your sense of the dramatic is so strong that you achieve nobility in playing this role and, in this way, create your own reality. Self-approval is important to you and replaces conscience. You will do anything you think is right. and, if necessary, sacrifice public approval in turn.

Leos function well in positions of responsibility and management, expressing your creativity by setting policies. Those of you whose desire for authority is unfulfilled may develop traits of habitual idleness, laziness, impetuousness and inconstancy.

Leos are practical, philosophical and spiritual. These qualities, along with your enthusiasm and inspiration, help you mould public opinion.

When you are controlled and informed, there are no others so powerful, useful, and capable of giving to your fellow man. You have a reckless courage, but you never fight unfairly, no matter how great the stakes. In victory you remain unselfish, and in defeat stand unconquered.

Leos express pride in every movement and a stateliness that will not escape the keen eye. Power increases a Leo's self-confidence amazingly, to the point where you seem actually to glow. As long as you feel that you are in a position of authority and responsibility, you will leave no stone unturned in order to justify the confidence that has been placed in you.

Leo Mind

Leos have powerful intelligence and are of a broad philosophical, sometimes religious, turn of mind.

Those of you who are devout may become very obstinate in upholding traditional beliefs and clinging to practices and doctrines that more liberal minded people will regard as absurdly out-of-date.

Given a setback, the Leo will thrive on the adversity!

Leo Emotion

Leos are very strongly attracted to sexual liaisons.

Your love nature should be held in check or serious heartache can result. With your strong sex drive you become so attracted to a new "prospective" sexual partner that you find it hard to be constant and can be so intensely sexual as to become dissolute.

You may have numerous affairs just for the love of pleasure and beauty and it is liable to drive you from one attractive partner to another.

Leos are very much inclined to deceive. Marriages may fail for the same reason, yet you are sincere and generous to your lovers, while love lasts, and will remain attached to your home for as long as it is to your benefit! You demand service but are incapable of giving it.

Leo Body & Health

The typical Leo is of medium to large stature and regardless of complexion and body tone radiates energy with each movement.

The face is one of strength with the eyes the most striking feature, which have a forceful, direct look.

The forehead is open; the eyebrows arched and nose hooked. The jaw and chin line are clear and definite and the mouth is wide and full with a tendency towards a pout!

Physiologically, Leo governs the upper back, forearms, wrist, spine and heart. Its natives are subject to a number of ailments: pain in the back and lungs, spinal complaints, diseases of the heart and blood, sickness in ribs and sides, convulsions, violent burning fevers, jaundice, and some afflictions of the eyes. You are also subject to over-exertion.

However, you have a strong constitution and can usually overcome your problems, many of which are of your own making due to over-indulgence! Leos can, as they age, grow fat and slovenly, along with being even more demanding!

Leo rules the heart and influences the spine and back. The prime example of Leo is large in stature, handsome and in the best of health. Leo is amongst the physically strongest signs in the zodiac, rarely falls to illness and infirmity and enjoys remarkable powers of recuperation.

This robust good health can also be their downfall. Leo has a tendency to overwork to the point of collapse.

Usually blessed with a strong heart and back, Leo should exercise caution should ill favoured aspects be manifest in the natal chart.

This physical strength that comes from the heart can be deceptive, Leo can suffer much emotional pain in affairs of the heart.

Leo Career & Jobs

In professional life Leos do well at any vocation at which there is room at the top. As politicians you are content with nothing less than a powerful position in government. In business you may be the chairman of your company's board, or at least a director or manager.

Career suggestions include:

politician, chairman, managing director, professional sportsman, teacher, youth worker, jeweller, actor, dancer, astrologer and any post which gives the opportunity for publicity and showing off!


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